First appeared in a 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson, “Metaverse” was coined from “beyond the universe” (Meta – beyond; verse –the universe). The romantic book outlined his vision on the evolution of the internet on virtual reality. Today, his vision is not only panning out but is cutting across more than just romantic fantasy.

To understand the metaverse, picture a space where you interact with people worldwide and do everything you wish without leaving your room. Thus, the metaverse is a virtual world where avatars represent humans to live, interact with others, shop, learn, and partake in games and other leisure activities. Besides these benefits, metaverse comes with fantastic marketing opportunities for brands and startups. For instance, landowners on Worldmapx can advertise their brands and market to unending visitors on the land.

As seen in the physical world where we have varying activities and chores, you can attend virtual events, purchase goods and services, make friends, and interact with other users’ avatars. However, unlike using dollars, euros, and other fiat currencies to trade in the physical world, cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the means of payment in this virtual world. Hence, you can trade buildings, avatars, land, and other metaverse items with cryptocurrency


Metaverse is developed on blockchain technology, allowing people to invest and trade decentralized digital assets with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency.

Mark Zuckerberg explained the concept of Metaverse as “The next platform and medium will even be more immersive. An embodied internet where you are in the experience, not just looking at it. And we call this the metaverse. And you’re going to be able to do almost anything you can imagine.”

Therefore, metaverse offers more than the current social media platform where we chat, send voice notes, or have a video call as Metaverse sort of offers physical presence using avatars. Additionally, Metaverse will empower virtual spatial perception using virtual reality. Thus, you will be immersed in the metaverse and handle virtual objects, and interact with other people’s avatars as if you are interacting in the physical world.

You will be able to play games, have a virtual meeting, make eye contact, do a lot on the metaverse, and not just live on the internet but experience life. So it is safe to call the virtual world a parallel world to the physical one.

Apart from the blockchain technology where the Metaverse is developed, it incorporates virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D holographic avatars, computers, and phones to teleport our physical world, including wealth, socialization, entertainment, and productivity, into the digital world.  Thus the whole concept of the metaverse is to live in a world where it feels like we are together while we are not.


  1. Roblox is an American Gaming company that focuses on building a metaverse platform where people’s avatars can wear new clothes, construct houses, and chat with their friends aside from gaming.
  2. Epic Game is also an American Video game and software development company that focuses on building a metaverse that avatars can interact with, have conversations with brands, have shopping experiences, and stay in the virtual world.
  3. Nike joined the metaverse trends not long ago by collaborating with Roblox, and the company is building a virtual world, “Nikeland,” to explore games. Here, users can run marathons and other competitions while trying new sports shoes.
  4. Tencent is a Chinese multinational company involved in digital products and services. This company is building a metaverse via its game company – TiMi Studio Group. Tencent Games will build a foundation for social networking, a network for gaming, and search marketing. On its metaverse, people will play, chill, and chat in the virtual world.
  5. Worldmapx is a map-based social network platform where you purchase virtual land and interact with other landowners and visitors. Unlike most other metaverses that depend on virtual reality and augmented reality, Worldmapx converts the world map into a social network to provide real-life benefits to users. On Worldmapx, users can buy land to advertise real-world assets, boost their traffic, gift, and resell the land.


Among the numerous benefits you will enjoy in the metaverse, here are some that we believe will rock your boat.

Cutting your advertisement cost

  1. Investing in virtual land on Worldmapx would not only be a fun and exciting thing to do but also cut your advertisement cost and deliver more traffic to your website.As a virtual landowner, you can post your products and services in the form of links, images, videos, or texts for visibility. Every visitor roaming on your land will see the advert and visit your website to buy your product. If we were too ambitious, we would say Worldmapx would cut your advertisement costs to zero.

Land sharing

Birthday cards, iPhones, pieces of jewelry, and other gifts are everyday items for a birthday present. But how exciting will it be to offer your partner or family a parcel of land in the virtual world? Worldmapx allows users to rent or gift lands to their people.

Land reselling

The value of most items on virtual land is driven by rarity and scarcity. Now, lands are cheaper on Worldmapx, but we cannot say the same in the next few months as more users venture into this project. As an early investor, you can buy famous places worldwide and resell them to latecomers who will love to have those lands.

Generating website traffic

As a landowner, posting your website link is a whole easy way to generate traffic to your website. Many visitors on your land will click your website link posted on the virtual space and get redirected to your website. Therefore, virtual land will generate more website visitors and help you make more sales from your virtual world investment.


  • View the land you want to purchase on worldmapx.com.
  • If you want to purchase the land as NFTs, use printable to view the land.
  • You may be interested in renowned places like England, Shangai, or Tokyo
  • Make payment with cryptocurrency on the coinbase gateway.
  • Buy your land and customize it
  • Advertise on the land or lease for marketers
  • With time, you can sell part of the land to new people as it appreciates

The growth of metaverse will be immeasurable in the coming years, with big brands like Facebook, now Meta, and Nike keying into the virtual world. Being an early investor in metaverse will guarantee huge returns, especially if you invest in Worldmapx. Hence, Worldmapx offers you exciting ways to make money and boost your businesses.

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