Phase 1: Land Acquisition and Ownership (2024 – 2025) In this phase, Worldmapx focuses on users acquiring lands. The goal is to acquire 1% of the total lands available on the platform. We encourage users to secure their positions on the map, setting the stage for the exciting features and opportunities that the next phases will bring.

Phase 2: Mining, Token Release, and Land Trading (2025 – 2026) In the second phase, Worldmapx introduces mining features and rewards, adding a new layer of engagement and incentive for our users. This phase also sees the release of the WMX token. Initially, a private sale will be held exclusively for landowners, followed by a public Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Additionally, land trading will be opened, allowing users to buy and sell lands amongst themselves.

We use a smart contract trading system (blockchain-based) to maintain security and make transactions via cryptocurrency.

Phase 3: Worldmapx Expansion (2026 – 2027)

In the third phase, Worldmapx enters a period of sustained growth and expansion, marked by the development of interactive societies. As users and visitors populate vast areas of the map, landowners gain the privilege to construct and invest on their lands through these dynamic societies.

These societies represent the utilization of a single land or a federation of lands for a multitude of purposes. The objectives of these societies are boundless, as they are fully governed by the discretion of their respective landowners. This phase signifies a new era of user autonomy and innovation within the Worldmapx platform.