Worldmapx – A Timeline For Your Brand’s Success

Worldmapx is still in its inception, and there is a long way to go before the land is actually traded on the Worldmapx map.
The roadmap for Worldmapx consists of three stages that will lead to the site’s proper usage accomplishing its full potential.

Mid-2021 to mid-2023

The landholdings phase: This phase’s goal is the rapid growth of users and their digital land acquisition. Our goal is for users to acquire 1% of the total land (around 3000 lands) in this phase. After this goal is achieved, the next step begins.

Mid-2023 to 2025

In this phase, our lands will be open to trade within the system. We use a smart contract trading system (blockchain-based) to maintain security and make transactions via cryptocurrency. Users will be able to trade land with each other.
In this phase, we expect an apparent increase in the land price in proportion to the overall buying and selling operations on the site.


The phase in which interactive societies develop.
Following the arrival of users and visitors to large areas on the map, landowners have the right to build on their land and invest through interactive societies.
Societies shall mean using land or a group of land within federations for purposes whose objectives cannot be limited, as they are subject to full control by their owners.