• 300,000,000 WMX Giveaway
  • 300,000 Free lands.
  • 40 BNB Giveaway

How to participate in WMX airdrop:

1- sign up to and get 5 lands for free

  • Here’s How to get your 5 lands: 
  • After signing up, view the lands in Worldmapx , and Choose your favorite Country
  • Hold long press to open the country, choose the city you want, and then long press to claim it
  • Choose “Take land”

take land

  • Now you are free to upload images, website links, or promote your business on your piece of land!

2-follow our social networks:

3- Invite 5 people to our pages and telegram community

4-Share and retweet our post or tweet.

5-Create WMX wallet using the following information:
-Download Trust Wallet app
-Tap on the toggle sign on the upper right corner of the main Wallet screen. Search for the token, and if the token is not available, you will see a “No Asset Found” message with a Add Custom Token button..
-Scroll down and click “Add Custom Token”
-Change the network to “Smart Chain”
-Paste the following contract address:
-After pasting or scanning the Contract Address, the other details like the Name, Symbol and Decimals will be automatically filled up.
If not, fill them in manually. Tap on Save to continue.:
Symbol: WMX
Decimals: 12
-Back to the home page (token page)
-Click on WMX (Make sure you see the BEP20 network)
-Click receive
-Copy your wallet address

6-Send the following information to [email protected] (don’t duplicate email and don’t send to another email).

-Share your 5 land links in your email, Here’s how to do it:

  • Hover over your land, then click the share button on the land popup ticket

share land

-Your email address that was used to sign up.

-Your social profiles URLs and your username on Telegram.

-Your WMX  wallet address.

– Final step: Share one of your land links on our telegram community channel as well

Airdrop Distribution:

You will Get your WMX Tokens once our presale on Pinksale finance ends! Follow the link to go to Worldmapx presale. 

We will also send you a confirmation email shortly!

Thank you for participating in our Airdrop!