Best NFT Platforms for investors in 2022

Best NFT Platforms for investors in 2022

What is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens or (NFTs) are digital assets with great value. This value comes from being original and totally unique. Which means there is no other copy or another replica of the same item. When you think of NFTs the first thing that comes into mind as an example is paintings. Just like Van Gogh’s “the Starry Night” has no other, an NFT has no other. Which means, no matter how many people try to copy these two pieces, they will never replace the original ones. However, what makes NFTs different is that they exist in the digital world only and have no presence in the physical world. Some examples of NFTs to help you get a better idea include unique digital artwork, virtual lands or virtual real estate, domain names, a first tweet for a celebrity, a photo, a meme, a video game, a virtual autograph, a recipe, and the list just goes on and on.

How do NFTs work?

Each NFT token has like a unique ID number that sets it apart from the rest. Just like fingerprints! Each and every one is unique and different. Thanks to cryptocurrency, information about each NFT’s original owner is saved in blockchains. It is like a record that can’t be duplicated, or played with since it exists in millions of computers worldwide. In other words, NFT owners earn a copyright certificate for the pieces they buy. These certificates or “tokens” prove the ownership over these NFTs.

Here are some of the best NFT markets in which you can buy, sell, and invest in.


Founded by Alex Atallah, and Devin Finzer in 2017, OpenSea is the first and largest NFT market to buy and sell tokens. The platform offers a wide collection of items from artwork, and virtual goods to video clips and GIFs.

OpenSea takes a commission on each transaction made through its system. With a 2.5% fee on the total price of each piece. You can search for the NFT that you would like to buy by exploring the market and reviewing the information available about each piece. As for Signing up, it’s pretty easy as well. The platform supports MetaMask wallet in addition to many others such as Coinbase, Opera, Trust, Bitski, and Formatic. You can set a fixed price for your NFTs, or let the auction begin!

2-Nifty Gateway

Founded by Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster in 2018, Nifty Gateway is one of the best online markets worldwide. Easily, you can create your own collection, name it, describe it, set the price, and then the market will bid it in Ethereum for you.

On Nifty Gateway, whenever you buy or sell your work, you receive a percentage of the sales. As an artist, you get to choose what percentage this is – it could be 5% of every secondary sale or 50%. Nonetheless, The platform takes 5% + 30 cents of every secondary sale. As for the type of sales available, it includes auctions and fixed prices as well.


Founded in 2017 by John Crain, SuperRare is an exclusive marketplace for buying and selling digital arts. Meaning your pieces can’t be uploaded to other marketplaces. Not only this, but it’s a social network for artists and collectors with an active feed.

Regarding SuperRare’s fees, the platform receives 15% commission from the primary sale while 85% goes to the creator. Artists can also get a fixed 10% royalty on every secondary sale, meaning creators can enjoy a fixed income if their work is traded again in the future. To start selling in SuperRare you can either set a fixed price or let the auction run as well!

4- Foundation

Created by Kayvon tehranian, foundation app is one of the easiest ways to buy and sell NFTs and digital art. It organizes live auctions for non-fungible tokens and users can bid using Ethereum.  All Foundation creators have a profile page which shows the artist’s work and the bidding history of each of his pieces. Moreover, artists can add a bio to their profile and links to their social media accounts.

However, in order to sell your digital art there, it will cost you 15% fee from the total price which is considered one of the highest fees in NFT marketplaces. Nonetheless, the artist gets 10% royalties for secondary sales. After buying NFTs from foundation, you can always sell them on other markets like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway.


As the first NFT advertising and investing map, WorldMapX gives you the ownership of virtual lands worldwide. It converts the world map into a social network and investing platform at the same time. Users can buy pieces of land on the world map and use them to show images, links, sell, or even advertise, as they like.

Starting from $100 for a land, with no other fees in the future, the investment seems a very promising one in the long term. Especially that landowners are already offering their lands for 10x the initial price! The platform brings together blockchain enthusiasts, crypto investors, and NFT artists.

With almost 361,664 lands ready to be owned by landowners, the ownership options seem plenty yet competitive. Because once a user purchases a land, it becomes his property as a one-time investment. Landowners have the freedom to offer their lands for sale once phase 2 of worldmapx begins. Which is after users buy 3000 lands.

After the launch of Worldmapx NFT artists already collected 26 of the best lands on the map. The most wanted lands seem to be in California, the USA, and Europe so far. With 950 lands owned by temporary owners. 2 lands set for sale by their owners once phase 2 begins. And more than 16 lands set as disputed lands between landowners. As for payment, you can buy through cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, USDC, and LTC)

In a word

Which NFT Marketplace should I choose?

When it comes to choosing the right platform, there’s no right or better one for you. Perhaps, a newly launched platform may hold a better potential than a one, which has been in the market for years. However, you can always study the market well, experiment here and there, and understand the approach of each platform well. Remember, you don’t have to choose one platform only. This is a new world-  explore it freely!

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