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How to Advertise Real-World Assets on NFT Virtual Land


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are ready to change the world. Soon enough, NFT will revolutionize advertising and ads budgets. Non-fungible tokens represent virtual and physical assets and hold monetary values. Thus, many NFT enthusiasts buy these assets with cryptocurrency.

As it stands, no one can predict the sales volume of NFT in the next few years. To get this point, NFTs sales in the last six months of 2021 are about $2.5 billion, which is a tremendous growth to the total sale volume of $13.7 million in 2020. Right now, virtual worlds represent 20% of the entire NFT market, according to Thus, digital assets are booming in the virtual world.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are unique tokens that can’t be replaced with something else. To understand this, think of a $100 bill. You can exchange this bill for five $20 bills. These five $20 bills still round up to $100. Thus, the $100 bill is a fungible asset. However, a non-fungible token is unique and can’t be changed. For instance, a piece of art can’t be swapped or changed. Otherwise, you will have a different piece of art.

Bitcoin is a fungible asset, while tokenized music is not. Thus, a token has perceived value, which may not be money.  On blockchain technology, tokens represent unique assets like videos, music, in-game assets, painting, virtual land, etc.

Things to buy on NFT

NFTs are created, or a bit technical, minted, from digital objects to represent tangible or intangible assets. Such NFT assets include

  • GIFs
  • Collectibles
  • In-game assets
  • Sports highlights
  • Video highlights
  • Designer stickers
  • Music
  • Virtual avatars
  • And particularly, virtual land

You can practically sell anything as NFT. For example, the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sold his first-ever tweet on an NFT platform for$2.9 million.

What do you benefit from buying NFT?

NFT ideas may look vague or disinteresting to you at first glance, more like wasting your money. However, you reap many benefits from NFT, particularly from virtual land. You can sell the NFT at a higher rate or hold it forever, depending on why you choose to buy.

Some NFTs also come with royalties for the original creator anytime you sell it. However, apart from buying and selling your collectibles, owning virtual land is ready to revolutionize the way we advertise.

Advantages of buying virtual land

NFT can cut your cost on ads while getting your products and services to thousands of customers in your locals and beyond. When you purchase virtual land, you can use this space for marketing or resell to marketers to generate revenues.

These virtual lands are measured with sophisticated technology to scale the world and create a digital grid that allows users to go through the exact dimensions. Owning a piece of land on Worldmapx helps to market your services without ads.

As a virtual landowner, you can post advertisements to target people who will come to view your land. As such, you can post your website links, images, or text for your business to gain wider visibility. Here is how it becomes interesting, with a sophisticated map-based network, your advertisement will gain a major boost. Your business will be visible to anyone who visits your land and hovers around it.

The website link you post on your land may captivate visitors’ attention and thus, visit your website. This feature will boost your marketing without spending extra costs on ads. Additionally, your visibility won’t be limited to your location since everyone can visit your land.

Putting this into perspective, if you purchase the whole of Michigan, thousands of locals will visit to view their home state. Also, visitors will be curious to know what is in Michigan and visit the place. Thus, the business you advertise on this land will be visible to them all. Therefore, your business gets unlimited visibility and generates more leads and sales. Hence, virtual land promises to reach more audiences than a traditional advertisement.

That is not all; you can generate more revenues by leasing your land to people interested in advertising on your land. Like in billboards that people lease out in return for money, you can lease your land too for marketing. Hence, if you purchase lifetime access to this land, you will gain massively from advertisement and land leasing.

More benefits of owning virtual land

When you purchase virtual land at Worldmapx, you have lifetime ownership over it. Thus, you can resell or lease the land as you wish. With the tagline “built to last,” this concept will stand the test of time and serve the interest of Generation Z.

Now, as more generations come aboard with this virtual land and are ready to invest in it, the project will receive a massive boost. However, one thing will change – the scarcity of the land. Right now, over 39 pieces of land have been sold. Thus, the best is to purchase the land now because you may come soon to see that your favorite land is no longer available.

On Worldmapx, you can also give people a portion of your land during their birthdays, holidays, or other special events. Unlike selling lands that change ownership, for land gifting, a gift icon appears on the land after purchasing it. While gifting a land, you can add a message or image to celebrate your loved ones – a new whole way to express love.

About Worldmapx

Worldmapx is an incredible social network but offers more than other social networks because it is entirely map-based. When you purchase a land, you have a card that will show you status, images, website preview, history log, and profiles of visitors on your land. You can also visit people’s land and see how people are visiting and engaging in it. These features boost reach and online engagement. Moreover, you can also interact with visitors and landowners. Additionally, you can share your grounds on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram for people to see.

How to purchase and sell land virtually

  • View the land you want to purchase on
  • You may be interested in renowned places like England, Shangai, or Tokyo
  • Make payment with cryptocurrency using coinbase gateway
  • Buy your land and customize it
  • Advertise on the land or lease for marketers
  • With time, you can sell part of the land to new people as it appreciates


Advertisement on Worldmapx is a futuristic project that is ready to shake the advertisement ecosystem. On this Worldmapx, there are continents, countries, cities, and states, as obtainable in the real world. With over 39 pieces of land sold already, this project is growing daily, and the only regret is that you may come back to see that the land that piques your interest is sold.

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