WMX Token

Worldmapx (WMX) Token

WMX Is a token built on Binance smart Chain network (BEP20)

Technial Details:

Name Worldmapx
Symbol WMX
Decimals 18
Total supply 10,000,000,000
Address 0x3E7541FD5B0b60790fBC3c90FEe192ab5A454741
Creator 0xECCdAD9005b8F10dEbfAB8d8134F8a843c66cd5B


Token distribution:


15% Locked

30% Liquidity pool

5% Worldmapx development

3% Airdrop

2% Private Sale

45% Pre-sale


Transaction hash for locking the liquidity:


WMX is the official token of worldmapx.com

Worldmapx is a world-map-based social network and advertisement system with more than 300,000 pieces of land. Each land is considered as an independent area where Landowners are free to post images, share website links, advertise, gift lands, or even resell them on the platform itself.

In 2017, We developed this world-map-based social platform using modern technologies without relying on google maps or any other service. In 2021, Worldmapx was finally launched.