Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Cryptocurrency Your Preferred Mode of Payment?

Making online transactions can often be a pain in the neck if the money comes from around the world. Converting cash through any means requires time and energy. This is the reason we use cryptocurrency so that our users can make speedy transactions from all across the world without hindrance. We encourage the digital currency revolution and believe that it is the way of the future. Since it is not subject to any form of control, it is a secure and speedy payment form. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone regardless of nation, race, or gender. This is why we have opted for cryptocurrency so that anybody can acquire land in the same transaction process.

Are The Divisions on Worldmapx Similar to The Real World?

Yes, they are! We have used cutting edge next-gen technology to sell the world down into a virtual world. Worldmapx uses border lines to ensure that the virtual land’s dimensions are precisely similar to the real world. Moreover, the division of land is also in accordance with the actual world. America has the same fifty states with the same cities in it. This aspect makes it more unique as there’s only one piece of land wanted by thousands of people.

Can I Purchase More Than One Piece Of Land?

Absolutely! There is no limit whatsoever for buying multiple pieces of land. You can buy as many tiles as you like. Just ensure that you invest your money wisely because if you bought all the ground on the map, your reach would be limited as there will be no neighbors. Therefore, make the purchases wisely, contemplate thoroughly before buying another land, strategize its location to gain maximum exposure to the general public!

Can I Resell My Land To Independent Users?

Yes, without a doubt. Worldmapx has made it crystal clear that you have complete control over once you purchase the land from them. You have the authority to do whatever you want with YOUR land. You can resell it for quick cash, or you can hold onto it waiting for its price to rise, which it will unquestionably. Moreover, you can use it as an advertising ground to market your services. On top of that, you can temporarily lease your land to independent users who can then use it as per the guidelines you give them.

Can Someone Buy The Land that I Have Already Purchased?

No, if you do not wish to sell it to them. Our website has a strict one-time buy policy, so you have to make a transaction once, and the virtual land is yours for a lifetime. No one can take it from you unless you choose to sell it or lease it.

How can I Resell my Land?

Once 1% of the land on the map has been purchased, transactions can be made easily within the website. Users can buy and sell each other land. The landowners themselves set the price of the land being resold, and profit obtained from the same goes to them. They can also lease their lands to users for a limited amount of time.

Can I Customize my Profile?

Yes, apart from their lands, users have a customizable profile like most social networks on which they can show status, images, website links, and such. Furthermore, you can also play around with your land, the pictures on top of it, and the ads you run; you control everything.

Can I Buy Land Anywhere in The World?

Yes, you can. Though we encourage users to buy land that they might be related to, there is no limit or restrictions on purchasing a specific space on the map. However, as there is only one set of unique locations, we advise you to act quickly. Because if someone else buys the land you want first, you’ve lost it.

What is The Starting Price for Buying Land?

Although the selling price starts from $100, it would be regenerated once you start using your land wisely for marketing. Considering the fact that Worldmapx will quickly be the virtual world’s advertisement epicenter, you will generate the investment back and even make a profit if you lease it or resell it, or even use it for your own brand’s advertisement.

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